A few days in Florence. And the things one sees!

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Hi friends.

As you know on Tuesdays I bring  you a variety of things. Recently, after a few scares, a fair bit of organising (thanks Christelle!) and a flying visit to Paris (or to be more specific Neuilly-sur-Seine, thanks Iman and family!) I spent a few days in Florence.

It is truly an amazing place, and it doesn’t matter how good your legs and eyes are, it’s difficult to see even a small part of all the treasures it has to share. Unfortunately I didn’t have my camera with me (I’m not very good even with it) but I still managed to take a few pictures with my phone. Rather than giving you the things you so well know, I thought I’d share some images that made us smile, even when we were truly exhausted, and I hope they might have the same effect.

The fun is in the pose!
The fun is in the pose!

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Unos días en Florencia. Y las cosas que se ven!

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Hola amigos.

Ya sabéis que los martes os traigo cosas varias. Después de algunos sustos y mucha organización (gracias Christelle!) y de una visita relámpago a París (o para ser más exactos, Neuilly-sur-Seine, gracias Iman y familia) pasé unos días en Florencia.

No os voy a dar la lata mucho. Es un lugar precioso y hay tantas cosas que ver que por mejores piernas y  ojos que tenga uno se hace corto. Os haré una simple recomendación. La Firenze Card, que os da acceso a muchos museos (los principales, bueno entre 60 y 68), acceso al Wi-fi público y los autobuses por 72 horas. La ventaja en los museos es que además no hace falta hacer cola y eso nos ahorró mucho tiempo, especialmente en los Uffizi y la Academia (para ver al David).

Aquí os dejo el enlace por si acaso (podéis escoger idioma):


No soy una…

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River and the tide

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River runs its ceaseless course
From yesterday until the end of days.
We stand on the brink above the tossing waves
And watch the way the dappled sunlight plays.
Waiting for the call that never comes
The beckoning to leap into the dance
We hover undecided while the tide rolls back
With the little silver skiff of life’s best chance.
River runs regardless of our états d’âme
It has no arms to open and embrace
No honeyed voice to persuade of this or that
No soft expression on its changing face.
River runs into the unknown realms
Of perhaps and may be in the misty light
The place beyond the bend we cannot see
The dreams that lie beyond our feeble sight.
We plunge and follow as best we can
Bound in ropes of water current fast and strong.
We leap and catch the parting tide
Or linger with regrets…

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Micro-fiction 002 – Hybrid (Echoes series)

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A twisting tale that teases at notions of humanity, and identity. A high-functioning robot wanders alone in the forests of a terra-formed planet, fearing for its life.

Echoes | Hybrid

A few hours earlier he had left what should have been the human city behind. His fellow hybrids had destroyed it. And if they knew about his desertion, they’d destroy him too, so he kept on, plunging awkwardly through the forest, jumping at every creak and rustle.

It was night time, dark, at least: he hadn’t realized the sun would disappear so quickly in the forest. This long strip of woodland had been created as a critical part of the new ecology. It was one of the many green regions on an artificial planet, terra-formed to provide a balance of oxygen and carbon dioxide, not intended for travel or habitation.

He looked behind him. He thought he heard something. He had…

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NEW RELEASE! “ZAP BANG” by Chris Kridler, book three in the Storm Seekers Trilogy

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Chris KridlerToday’s featured artist is storm chaser Chris Kridler. Not only is she a talented author, but Chris is an amazing videographer who chases tornadoes, photographs lightening storms, and produces awesome book trailers (like Clifton Chase and the Arrow of Light).

The Storm Seeker Trilogy releases the final book TODAY with “Zap Bang”. Let’s learn more about the book, the series, and the author:

Book trailer:

ENGLE: Thank you very much for stopping by for an interview. Tell me about your
most recent book. What’s it about? Where did the story idea come from?

KRIDLER: My new novel is “Zap Bang,” the finale to my Storm Seekers trilogy of
storm-chasing adventures. I’ve chased storms in Tornado Alley for 18
years, and those experiences inspired me to write “Funnel Vision” and its
sequel, “Tornado Pinball,” before “Zap Bang.” Though my characters face
deadly tornadoes…

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There is no such thing as an error free book

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This morning I received an email from my publisher, Kindle Direct Publishing. The following is the email’s text:-

We’re writing to let you know that at least one of your readers has reported some problems within your book, and we have confirmed the issue.Potential errors have been identified:  for example, “alter stone at Stonehenge’s centre.” should be “altar stone at Stonehenge’s centre.(loc: 52), “that surrounded the ancient alter.” should be “that surrounded the ancient altar.” (loc: 1311) Please check them and look for others.

While I fully acknowledge the error and that it may have been pointed out to them by a genuine reader, given that KDP along with Goodreads and CreateSpace are wholly owned subsidiaries of Amazon.com, and have their own forums where the trolls currently lurk, the chances are that it was a troll who pointed out the spelling error to them, hoping to get a reaction…

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Literary numbskulls and their hobbyhorses

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Continuing on from my post published on the eighteenth of the month “How much advice is too much,” I now move on to another group of bitter individuals.


With the introduction of social media sites like Facebook, Goodreads and Twitter, plus the blogosphere, at one time or another we have all read vitriolic diatribes by people with a particular axe to grind regarding publishers.

The authors of these endless rants have created their very own hobbyhorse, which they seem unable, or indeed unwilling to dismount. Reading something from them once or twice may be interesting, even thought provoking. But when they endlessly bleat on ad infinitum using the same tired arguments simply because of their particular hatred towards a specific publishing institution or someone’s particular point of view, it becomes tiresome in the extreme.

One person of my acquaintance who constantly attacks a specific book publisher (mine as it…

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The Number One Literary Hazard Today

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No one likes to become the target of negative criticism.

In a recent article about the forms of literary criticism a writer can expect to encounter these days, its author described the most unsavoury element, the internet troll, perfectly.

Here is what he said:

“There are two types of negative criticisms you will get. The worst are the trolls, the angry, the jealous and the unskilled. They tend to be easy to spot because they will offer nothing of substance, no intelligent commentary. Insults may be tossed out, pointless comments that are lacking any substance about what was written. It happens. It will continue to happen.”

Over the last few years, more and more of these sick individuals have surfaced. The above aptly describes what awaits anyone, be they a new writer, or in the case of an established one who through necessity or frustration with their publisher, parted company…

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