#Spoonchallenge 19 Landmark daily sketch challenge for Spoonflower. Our own iconic Petronas Twin Towers

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Petronas twin towers
#Spoonchallenge Landmark. Petronas twin towers

#Spoonchallenge 19 Landmark daily sketch challenge for Spoonflower. My Sketch is of our very own iconic Petronas Twin Towers in KL, Malaysia

Have an awesome weekend everyone. I have lots to go see this weekend at the closing weekend of George Town Festival. It will be a busy one, in a good way!

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 I have a special treat for you guys. I’m running my VERY first Goodreads giveaway! You can now ENTER to win copies of BOTH, “I Grew My Boobs in China” and the long awaited sequel, “Backpacks and Bra Straps”! Don’t miss this chance.

Goodreads Book Giveaway

Backpacks and Bra Straps by Savannah Grace

Backpacks and Bra Straps

by Savannah Grace

Giveaway ends October 05, 2014.

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Website Wonders

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Before we get into August’s Website Wonders, I wanted to thank two lovely reviewers for sharing their thoughts on Take Me Tomorrow and Seconds Before Sunrise, book 2 of The Timely Death Trilogy.

Bookish Lover Reviews started us off by reviewing Take Me Tomorrow, “If you liked Delirium series and Divergent, this is something in between. It has great action with lot of twists and a little bit of romance but enough to fall in love with story even more. I recommend it to everyone. Please pick it up, because this book deserves bigger audience.” The full review gets into detail about romance and action.

Tranquil Dreams posted their thoughts on the paranormal romance, Seconds Before Sunrise, “There is nothing better than a novel that delivers a believable story with an alternate reality/fantasy world intertwined and while giving us a love story also gets us to wonder what…

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5 Tips How to Create Mobile-Friendly Blogs and Websites

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How can you, as an author or small publishing business owner, reach more readers?  Over half of the entire world’s population has a mobile phone!  Almost 190 million people in the United States own a smart phone. And 74% of them used their smart phone to access the internet in 2013.  According to Forbes, “87% of connected devices sales by 2017 will be tablets and smartphones.” Whether it’s creating an alternate mobile version of a website or creating a mobile-friendly web design, it’s important to make it easy for users to find you and your books.

Your Competition Will Be Seen and You Won’t
More than one third of internet users worldwide used their mobile devices to research products or services they intended to purchase. Total Internet usage on mobile devices has exceeded that on PCs.  This shift follows a tremendous fall in PC sales…

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Rosie’s Book Review Team #RBRT Suraya reviews Music of Souls by JJ Kendrick

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Today’s review comes from book review team member Suraya, find her at http://www.thestorymint.com


Suraya chose to read and review Music of Souls by JJ Kendrick.


Here is her review.


By JJ Kendrick Three stars

The opening paragraph was descriptive and I was immediately in New England. Very nicely done.

I am not a Vampire genre fan so was looking for strong characterisation and storytelling. As I went through the novel I found myself thinking I was looking through the window of a student flat where meals were discussed and general love affairs were the preoccupation.

Jackson hated himself for what he did to Sarah (5) yet we never see that inner conflict expressed in his actions or emotions. They have fresh clothes yet drink blood which I would have thought was a messy business so why bother with fresh clothes.

The switch back in time is clearly…

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Ednah Walters Cover Reveal: Souls + Witches

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Releasing late September 2014


WARNING: This is CORA’S story: This book may be considered

NA (new adult) because it contains some swearing, violence and sex scenes: Suitable

for ages 17 and up. A Clean Version is available on Amazon.


Cora Jemison knows what it’s like to date a soul reaper. There are no Friday

night movies, no school dances, and no stolen kisses between classes. It

totally sucks! What makes it even worse, souls pop up when she least expects

it. The last one is not her fault, but it all adds up to zero quality time with

her super hot, scythe-carrying boyfriend, Echo.

Since Cora was

etched with special runes by an evil Immortal, she understands why souls are

drawn to her. She makes the best of it by helping souls find closure while Echo

escorts them to the realm of the dead. Perfect partners, until a…

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Always Summer

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Nestled in the dawn light,
Snuggled between rays of summers gone,
I lie thinking of you;
Of the time spent dreaming together
And the times spent yearning apart.
Perhaps, when the first bite of autumn frost
Nips at my bare skin,
I shall forget you,
Banish you to the warmer climes of my mind?
Or, maybe, I shall seek out your memory all the more?
It is yet to be discovered,
Yet to be found.
Time, they say, is the greatest healer
And I hope with all my heart that is true.
But like the seasons,
You are and always will be,
My summer love.

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Appointment with Shiva…

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imagesOne recent morning I was riding to Ramana Ashram along Bangalore Road when I saw ahead of me a stationary public bus and a swelling crowd, including policemen and their vehicles—clustering around a white female lying motionless in a vermilion pool of blood on the side of the road. From a distance she looked so like a close friend of mine that I let loose a silent scream and involuntarily hit the brakes—right in the middle of the road.

A grim policeman waved me over to the side. I obeyed like a robot, struck dumb by a mélange of dark emotions. A cop who seemed to be in charge asked if I knew the dead girl—he wanted me to identify her. They had no clue, of course, what a coward I am in certain visceral ways. Too shaken to look at her face, I suggested instead that we identify her by inspecting the…

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