Veteran’s Weekend at East Park

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I was working this morning in the Park promoting the Carers’ Service in Hull. But it was a wonderful event with so much going on.

So after I got away in the early afternoon I headed straight home and said to Pat, “Come on, let’s have a good walk round the park. We’ll grab something to eat while we’re there” I explained to her what was going on. I quickly got changed into my shorts and tee-shirt (very hot today) grabbed my bloggie and off we went.

There was lots to enjoy: an old ambulance (I mean ancient type of old) a model Hurricane, and a model Spitfire, some armed jeeps, trucks and the like. Oh old motorbikes (once again ancient type old) and… Oh what am I blabbing on about, below are the pics of the event.  I’m really happy about how well they came out.  :)

I believe…

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The latest Fortiter Publishing Updates;

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Hello all;

The latest Fortiter updates are:

1. A Matter of Honor Starclan Chrysalis is over 14,000 words. I’m excited about where this story is going, and what happens after… Well, that’s another story!

2. Rods is ove 10,000 words. This is new ground for me, and I’m having a lot of fun with it.

3. Total number of Fortiter books out there is over 4,400. Paid copies of The Turret stands at over 2,400, in less than 4 months. Just four months ago we celebrated Fortiter’s 1,000th book!

4. Torched: An Anthology is out. My short story, “Things seem different by firelight” is on page 108. Stay tuned for a contest related to this story: or, sign up as a Fortiter Insider and find out sooner!

5. Travel for the ‘day job’ keeps me going. I’ve been to Texas, Oklahoma, California, Illinois, and New Jersey lately. My ‘not-been-to’ list of US…

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Liz Garton Scanlon: All the World Is All of Us

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Guest Post by Austin Author Liz Garton Scanlon

This is the third week in a series of author guest posts about diversity in children’s literature and the BookPeople Modern First Library initiative. For more about BookPeople’s Modern First Library initiative, and for more recommendations of wonderful new and classic picture books to read, visit

Previous posts in this series:

Meghan G., Kids book buyer: Introducing BookPeople’s Modern First Library
Chris Barton: A Modern First Library List
Chris Barton: Loved, valued, unique? Yes. Center of the universe? No.
Cynthia Leitich Smith: Books as mirrors
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Liz Garton Scanlon: Soul reflecting 101
Liz Garton Scanlon: Fear No Difference

I’ve been lucky enough to receive a lot of mail over the years – from parents, grandparents, teachers, and librarians – about All the World, a picture book I co-created with illustrator Marla Frazee.


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the pre-show: Do We Know it All?

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Religion is as necessary to reason as reason is to religion.
The one cannot exist without the other.
A reasoning being would lose his reason,
in attempting to account for the great phenomena of nature,
had he not a Supreme Being to refer to;
and well has it been said, that if there had been no God,
mankind would have been obliged to imagine one.
- George Washington

questions without answers
Rick Daddario

In 1725, in Rheims, France, an innkeeper would began a frantic search for his bride. Having covered the grounds as completely as he could, Nicole Millet – his wife – seemingly vanished without a trace. He would go on to face murder charges for the death of his wife. The courts finding him guilty, to some,  only because there was no other explanation. But he would file a successful appeal, that would clear his given name, and depending upon our…

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…thank YOU.

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Wilks Wilkinson by Matt Kyme.
‘Wilks’ Wilkinson by Matt Kyme — Tales to Admonish #3

You know what?

There are far too many people that I need to thank.

And you know how I’ve realized this? The acknowledgements sections in my books run for pages on end, even when I reduce the font-size and you need a magnifying glass.

You should try writing your own, whatever your lot in life, and when truly nutting it over you’ll likely find the exact same thing. Not the eyepiece, but the list-size. I’m not complaining here — far from it, I’m indebted, hugely appreciative, and am in turn inspired by these people.

And sometimes we forget to, well, acknowledge all that they have given to us — so this is my posting to go somewhere toward rectifying the issue.

I wrote this before, a few days ago, when I was especially moved by the support and encouragement…

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irevuo needs your help

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logo_bigToday I spent almost all day searching the web for all kinds of graphic artists and illustrators and so on. And I e-mailed them and asked them if they’d like for their works to be featured on irevuo. It might sound boring, but it was far from boring.

Actually I got to see a lot of cool stuff, and it simply got me wondering why so much talent goes unseen. You know, when you see a beautiful work of art and you just want to tell everyone about it, because you feel it’s so good it deserves to be seen by everyone. Experienced, felt by everyone.

Sadly, this isn’t a battle I can fight on my own. I need your help. Together we can turn irevuo into a really cool website, one that’s going to promote indie artists of all types. But in order to do that, there’s a…

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