Stuck for a name for your characters. Look no further than your own family tree.

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One of the problems with writing short stories and also novels with a cast of thousands is trying to find original last names for your characters.

First names are a different issue as you have to choose names that reflect the time you are writing about. I doubt there were many girls given the names Sharon and Tracy in the 1500s or Darren and North!

However, most surnames have a long and illustrious history and go back hundreds of years and one of the places that is a treasure trove of names to use in your writing, is in your family tree.

I researched my own for both maternal and paternal lines over ten years ago, and because there was little actual history attached to the names you find, I decided to research the names origins too. It is not essential but quite useful to know where the names originate…

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Review by:   J.C.D.

This is one of those books that is so disturbing you feel like you should stop reading, but you won’t. Dennis Rask works his way into your mind piece by piece and step by step. This psychopath slowly disassembles a dysfunctional family without remorse or regret. Dennis Rask is a powerful villain who lives to terrorize then rule. Divisive is scarier and more disturbing than anything Stephen King ever wrote.…/…/ref=asap_bc…

Please  watch the amazing book trailer for “Mastered” by K.L.Silver

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MASTERED goes where few dare.
Suffused with titillating sexual content, this unorthodox love story offers rare insight into the psychological elements behind a Dominant/submissive relationship. Told from both perspectives, it is an exciting journey that leaves one rethinking what is normally considered the ‘dark’ side of human nature.

Meet Missy Weaver: Missy always knew that she was different. Deeply submissive but terrified of being labelled deviant, she suppresses her true nature. In its place she constructs a socially acceptable half-life where she exists in militant self-denial.

That is, until fate intervenes…

Meet James Colton: Dominant to the bone, James recognizes Missy as innately as a lion identifies the gazelle to be cut from the herd. Easily, he penetrates her well-honed façade. What he finds inflames his imagination and effectively ends nearly three years of mourning and self-imposed celibacy.

The erotic excitement reaches its apex again and again. It is kicked up yet another notch with an unpredictable sub-plot. The unique storyline will keep you whet, wanting – and excited to turn the next page!
In the end, MASTERED will have you begging for more!

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Watch the Book Trailer for “The Dragon God” Book # 2 of the Horn King Series By Brae Wyckoff

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“Opulence Among Us” by Gary D. Henry

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“This is a story about an amazing group of friends that set out to change the world one person at a time. They were all extremely wealthy through hard work or inheritance. They all figure that they can only drive one car at a time and live in one house at a time and everything else is really not needed. The ten friends set out to change thousands of people’s lives in this country. They would pick a downtrodden neighborhood and breathe life into it by paving the streets, fixing all existing homes, giving the people good paying jobs and paying off all their outstanding debt. These poor people who could barely feed their kids would now have a place they were proud to call home.

They paid their taxes and lived their lives. The friends branched out to adjoining communities and were met with the same love and admiration that they enjoyed enhancing lives in the first neighborhood. The group would branch out and soon they have renovated nearly an entire county until corrupt politicians and drug lords attempt to put a stop to these good deeds because it was removing the slums that these entities rely on to do business.”

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